The tree

One Piece Back and Side Set of Quilted Honduran Mahogany from The Tree.

This special set is available to build an OM size guitar. Beautiful quilting on this set with a one piece back. Yes. You saw that right the back will be a one piece when the instrument is made. It takes a very large "Tree" to get wood large enough for a one piece. "The Tree" was a 10' diameter tree.

Give us a call if you would like us to build you a guitar with the rare set put away in the 1970's.

The Tree was felled in 1965, and fell the wrong way falling into a ravine instead of where the lumber jacks wanted it to go. It sat for over a decade before it was able to be retrived. Equipment was moved to The Tree to get it off to the river, so it could be floated to a sawmill. We are looking forward to building an OM style guitar out of the famous quilted Honduran Mahogany wood. Call or text us at 262-629-0628. Email us at