Build me an acoustic guitar

Some of the many hand built options are listed in this secion

Are you dreaming of a custom guitar? You can consider having A. R. Savino build one for you. We are building one off acoustic guitars, so let us build one ofor you. Luthier A. R. Savino has produced multiple guitars including one lefty, many right handed acoustics. Currently we have two right hand guitars in stockk, and two in process. We do not mass produce to ensure the highest quality.

Our maximum number of units being made is three at a time. This allows for us to work on crafting one of our instruments while the others need to rest from curing of adhesives and resting between some stages, or our hand rubbed blonde shellac to set.

Your custom guitar will be made with woods you pick out, and you will determine what types of strings and tuners you would like to have on your instrument. We currently have several high quality brand names in stock. You can inquire on brands, materials, and colors. We have options for fretboards, heel caps, and head plates. We currently are using Honduran mahogany necks.

We hand craft our bridges. Bone Saddles and Nuts are utilized. Beautiful Rosettes are inlayed around the sound hole, and we add endcaps. Bindings used contrast the soundboard, and back and side sets. At this time we offer OM and Dreadnought style in left hand or right hand versions. Lead times currently in the eight to twelve weeks range.

The image shown above is a left hand Dreadnought style guitar. Black Walnut back and sides, Engelmann Spruce Top, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fretboard, Maple bindings, complete with scalloped bracing. The guitar is being held by a custom Mahogany stand built by us.
You can make a selection from our current list of tone woods. We currently have a choice of four different soundboards, and seven back and side sets. If you would like a "back only" set from our list we will use a similar color wood from our back and side sets. American Cherry is light red, and Padauk Bariole is reddish orange to gray brown, both of these would probably get Padauk side sets.

-------------------------------------As of May 6, 2023--------------------------------------

Soundboard woods in stock: most varieties have multiple sets in whick to choose.

Sitka Spruce Float Log Reclaim (beautiful blue coloring)

Sitka Spruce Straight Grain

Sitka Spruce Bear Claw

Sitka Spruce Light Curl

Sitka Spruce Tempered

Engelmann Spruce

Lutz Spruce

Red Cedar

Back and Side woods in stock: most varieties have multiple sets in whick to choose.
Black Walnut

Buginga (curly)

American Cherry

East Indian Rosewood

Honduran Mahogany

THE TREE Honduran Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla (OM SIZE 1 pc back)

Mahogany (quilted)


Padauk Bariole


Sapele (quilted)


Current builds for stock:

Black Walnut back and sides with Engelmann Spruce top (completed)

Rosewood back and sides with Sitka Spruce top with light Bear Claw

Honduran Mahogany back and sides with Engelmann Spruce top

Current builds for customers:

Quilted Sapele (Exhibition Grade) back and sides Sitka Spruce top with Silking

Email us if you would like information when additional guitars (dreadnought or OM models) become completed and available.

tony@arsave.comtext us at 262-629-0628